Custom Blank Note Cards

These colorful and cute cards are available in sets of five (5) with white envelopes included. Each card is created by hand and adorned with fun button accessories. Perfect for "thinking of you", "girlfriends" and "just because" messages as well as a great gift for the stationary lover in your life. Faces are available in 5 different skin tones and multicultural sets are available.

MzAcire Handcrafted Tote Bags

MzAcire Handcrafted Totes

My handcrafted tote line continues to be a most requested hit in the DFW metroplex as well as in cities around the nation. The idea for MzAcire Totes was born out of necessity and new motherhood. Simply put, I needed a bag that would hold the necessities for short trips to the store, running errands or a quick visit with a friend--with my newborn son in tow--that was small, cute and functional. The line was featured on WFAA 8 for a Metro Momprenuers special.

Creative Art ~ Crafts

AND NOW it's time for the fun and crafty side of Green Nose. My son and I made these for Teacher Appreciation Week. I operated the hot glue gun and wrote the names. He did the rest. In addition to the art side (drawing, painting) I also enjoy creating fun and functional crafts. Allow me to introduce my crafty side:

  • Picture Frames- hand painted, whimsical, themed frames perfect for displaying portraits or given as gifts. The ideal way to display those great life moments or favorite small art.

  • MzAcire Handcrafted Tote Bags- unique (my favorite word next to creative), sassy, classy, fun and functional customizable canvas totes. Double handle with felt and paint designs. Great for book bags, diaper bags, quick errands or the tote that goes back and forth to work to carry everything that will not fit into a purse. (I also use it as my Sunday bag to take to church. Perfect size for my bible, keys and notebook.)

  • Journals & Bookmarks- as shown. These handy dandy journals are designed specific to the recipient. Inspirational messages, cool adornments and lots of love. This is not only a great gift, but also a fantastic way to spend time being creative with kids. My son wrote a very special message on the first page of each journal and even drew a picture of himself with his signature (yes, he already knows the importance of signing art work).

These are just a few of my crafts. I will continue to post more. If you are needing a gift and want to do something more personal and heartfelt than the basic 'give a gift card and call it a day' ( or give something in addition to a favorite gift card -super sweet icing on the cake!), contact me.


Nkensani- Acrylic on canvas

My very first (and very large) acrylic was created during my high school years. The piece was a first attempt at building a canvas and using gesso (and learning that the warning "do not get it on your clothes' was very valid). I was in my purple phase where just about every piece I created was on a deep pulsating purple hue. The rationale, I'm not sure other than purple has always been my favorite color. Her name comes from a book that I read at the time about two sisters from South Africa. One of the main characters was named Nkensani. She was strong, beautiful and a really deep character. I loved the name and had to use it for something!



One Side of the Story

Midnight Jazz (Sumner Academy)

She Is
Some of my best and most intriguing works have been done with old faithful pencils. Not the high-end expensive "Artist" pencils (okay, well sometimes), but usually Plain Jane 'yellow no. 2'. The gumball machine belonged to my roommate in undergrad (University of North Texas- Go BRUCE Hall). The rest were random thoughts I put to paper.
I recently had the privilege to do a memorial portrait of one of the Dallas Police Department's officers. Officer Flowers passed away last year and her team wanted to pay tribute to her dedication and service. I will post that piece soon.


Shadow Man

Through the Wall

Watercolor Leaf Print II

Faces Undefined

She's Back- Pastel
Untitled- Pastel

Untitled- Pastel

Untitled- Pastel

Untitled- Pastel

Untitled- Pastel

Untitled- Pastel
All of these pieces were created using pastels. Fun. Messy and vibrant all in one little chalky stick. Talk about creative! Now the question that I know you are wanting to ask: Why are they faceless?? The answer is: I don't know them. These women are the friend, the sister, the aunt, the teacher, the survivor of domestic violence, the single mother making ends meet despite the odds, the songstress that uses her gift to pay her way through college...they are the women that you know. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Without eyes, we do not know their stories. We cannot define them, only speculate the infinite power that comes from knowing oneself. These women are who they were destined to be, without the limitations placed upon them by outside factors. In their facelessness they give the most powerful statement anyone can make: I am not your definition of me.
* Note: At some point most of these pieces had titles. However, because of the nature of the pieces, each time I look at them, the name does not seem to quite fit. So much like the inability to define them without knowing their stories- I have not been able to give them names. I am open to suggestions though. If you have a title that captures the moment- let me know :O)

Acrylic Artistry

"Mother and Child" -Acrylic and Ink on canvas

Untitled- Acrylic on canvas

Untitled- Acrylic on canvas

Like Mother, Like Son

"Motherhood" - Acrylic

Art runs in my blood. Well, at least my son who shares my blood is also very artistic. If you know me, you know my punkin. This piece was created while he was still in the womb. The first piece in a very long time. Now, at the tender age of 3.5, he's got more handle on pastels and a paint brush most adults do. He is able to say in one stroke what would take 50 of mine to convey. It only stands to reason that his birth was the catalyst to awaken the creative spirit that had gone dormant for me. There were three critical births in 2005. My son. MzAcire handcrafted tote bags (WFAA Metro feature here: ). Lastly, a total epiphany to the strength and power within to change life's course (with God's grace of course).

"The Water with the Ducks"- Finger paint

Introduction- This Art Thing


Welcome to my Green Nose Art blog. Here I share all things creative, all things unique, all things distinctly creative art related. I am a creative artist and specialize in a unique niche of drawings, paintings, pastels, unique handcrafted tote bags, picture frames and custom portraiture ...I can do it all.

What is Green Nose?

Green Nose captures the very essence of me. One of a kind, unique and "wow". My nose is GREEN. Period. It's a birthmark, smack-dab on my nose. Green like a crayon or leafy green vegetation, ink, paint...I've been asked since childhood is it any or all of the above. I used to have little old ladies lick their thumbs and attempt to wipe it off saying "Sweetheart, you have some ink on your nose!" After observing my growing agitation with perfect strangers attempting to use saliva to remove my permanent "stamp" and the distraction and disruption it began to cause in middle school, my loving parents and I decided to opt for a very good cover-creme makeup (thank you Dermablend) to calm the tide and allow me to make it through the day without getting stopped 500 times to explain.

I had the option to have the birthmark removed when I was a tween, but could not part with it. It's part of me. It's how people know me. It's how people remember me..."The Girl with the Green Nose". I still cover it with makeup as the distraction of my hair (now shoulder-length locs) and nose (green) is just too much for most to handle in one encounter. However, it's still a part of who I am and in honoring the uniqueness that my Green Nose adds to my life I have made it my brand name.
What about This Art Thing?

Follow my blog as I post commentary and photos of my artistic creations. Of course pieces will be available to add to your collection. Just contact me and let me know your interest. Please do not copy images from this site as they are covered by copyright.